A useful script for changing the timeframe with a hotkey (author - sergeev)

With this little scripts you can change the current timeframe in Metatrader 5 to the previous or next timeframe, for example H1 <- H2 -> H3 with a custom hotkey.

First, place the NextTF and PrevTF scripts in the MetaTrader 5\MQL5\Scripts\ folder:

metatrader 5 timeframe script

Then, right click with your mouse on any script and press "Set Hotkey". Now set a custom hotkey that is easy for you to press and to remember. I personally use Ctrl + N for the next timeframe and Ctrl + P for the previous timeframe:

metatrader 5 timeframe script

Close the properties windndow and test it out. Cool isn't it? BTW, you can also add a hotkey to the Delete all Objects Script, in my case this is Ctrl + D.

Download the NextTF script
Download the PrevTF script
View the MQL5 source code of the NextTF script
View the MQL5 source code of the PrevTF script


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