In MetaTrader 5 the history of quotes is stored only in M1 format (from 1993, before - D1 format) and all the charts are built based on it. When the terminal is first installed, the history is empty. The history is stored in \MetaTrader 5\Bases\Default\History\"currency"\ folder and has the .hcc (uncompressed) format. The history is transferred from the MQ's server in a space-efficient archive format of data storing so for example the 10 years 1-minute history of quotes for GBPUSD takes around 10-13 megabytes, uncompressed around 100-150 megabytes.

In order to download all history for a selected currency and show it on the chart, first open the options menu, then charts and select "unlimited bars in chart" option.

History in Metatrader 5

After that go to the maximum timeframe of 1 month or 1 week and simply move your chart to the beginning and the history will begin to download. You can press the "Home" button on your keyboard and hold it until the download is finished.

History in Metatrader 5

History in Metatrader 5

According to MetaQuotes, the option to edit history and view history like in MT4 will be added later.


Unknown said... @ November 9, 2009 at 8:13 PM

Is it possible to export history in the beta version of MT5, or at least convert HCC files to text format?



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