FraMa Cross Indicator and EA (author - Paul, see his blog Paul's Forex random walk)

This indicator will show a fast and slow Fractal Moving Average (FRAMA) and places arrows at the open of each bar following an MA cross event. FRAMA is an exponential style moving average and can be a valuable technical indicator because it rapidly follows significant changes in price but becomes very flat in congestion zones so that bad whipsaw trades can be eliminated. The FRAMA is an alternative indicator to the default fractals that is included with the Metatrader 5 installation. Read more about the background of FRAMA here.

FraMa Cross for Metatrader 5

FraMa Cross for Metatrader 5

You can customize the fast and slow MA period. The EA is triggered using the indicator. Because the strategy tester is not available yet, the EA can not be tested for it's effectiveness.

Paul also wrote a useful MQH include file which converts error codes and OrderSend results to strings and a debugging file.

Go to Paul's blog and download


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