One of the big improvements of the new Metatrader 5 strategy tester is the possibility to use individual calculation frameworks ( agents ) to distribute the load within the multiple (remote) cores and as result, to greatly increase the speed of trading strategies optimization / calculation. The agents can be installed on remote computers in your local home/work network or on other internet-connected pc's around the world.

Thus, the time for optimization using multiple cpu core's is greatly reduced. The Metatrader 5 strategy tester automatically assigns each agent the testing parameters and the interval to for the next passage. As said above, you can use any available pc, both on a local network and via the Internet. To do this you need to install on the remote computers that you want to use the MetaTester.exe utility. This utility is part of the Metatrader 5 installation package, so there's no need for a separate download. Simply install the Metatrader 5 terminal.

The remote agent receives the required testing history from the tester, so there's no need for multiple requests to the broker servers. Access to remote agents is securely protected by a password. Within the agents the following security mechanisms are implemented:

- Fully encrypted network protocol between the client terminal and the remote agent with a compression of traffic;
- Password protection;
- Ability to specify a list of IP addresses from which connection to the client terminal is allowed;
- Only local agents can use the DLL with the appropriate terminal resolution. DLL call is prohibited on remote agents;
- The transmitted EA's code is never stored on the agent's HDD, but is instead transferred in a transformed state, which is inaccessible by the dump. On remote agents, messages of Expert Advisors (Print() function), as well time of trade operation execution, are not recorded to the journal;
- The agent does not know the name of the EA and doesn't store the miscalculation results on the HDD;
- The agent is protected by a security shield from dissemble and modification.

Here is a detailed guide how to use the remote agents. I'm going to use the dual-core cpu on my laptop as a remote agent on my desktop pc.

1. Open the MetaTester.exe utility on the computer that you want to use for the remote-agent service. The Metatester agents manager program MetaTester.exe is located in the Metatrader 5 installation folder ( default: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\metatester.exe

metatrader 5 agents
2. Specify a password and a port range for the remote agent connection. The best option is to choose port numbers that are not used by other programs. You can find a list of standard and unassigned ports here: port numbers

metatrader 5 agents
In my example i'm using the 4435-4436 port range. Press the "Add" button. The number of available local agents must be equal to the number of logical cores of the processor. In my case, i have a dual core Intel cpu, so i installed 2 remote-agent services. Also, write down your ip address stated above ( in my case, )

3. Now go to the computer where you will be using the Metatrader 5 strategy tester and the remote agents. Open Metatester 5 and go to the "agents" tab. You will see the "local" and "remote" tabs. The local cpu is listed on the "local" tab. Via the context menu on the "remote" tab you can add the remote agents:

metatrader 5 agents
A pop-up window will appear. You must input the password, ip address and port number that you specified earlier. In my case, i use the ip address:port number for the remote agent 1 and for the remote second agent.

4. In case you have a firewall installed on the computer with the remote-agents service running, allow the connection. You may also open the ports on your router if they are closed. I'm using the Comodo Firewall program, so i had to allow the outgoing connection:

metatrader 5 agents
5. After you have added all remote agents you can test them by running a EA optimization. In my case the remote agents were successfully activated

As said above, all agents are shown in a table divided into two parts - local and remote agents. The "Hardware" column contains information about the type of the processor, CPU clock, RAM size and internal performance rate (the higher the rate is, the the more powerful the hardware is); CPU Usage — indicator of the core usage level; Status — the status of the agent: busy, ready, unavailable.

metatrader 5 agents
You can add as many remote agents as you want, so you can build your own supercomputer. The Metatrader 5 strategy tester provides a solutions with the remote agents feature for complex Expert Advisor optimization, which traders would not dream of being able to solve without access to supercomputers.

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