The main difference between MQL4 and MQL5 is the appearance of the object oriented programming. So you can start learning MQL4 now, because:

1. If You know MQL4 the only thing in MQL5 to change in your programs will be names of a couple of start() init() deinit() functions;
2. If you know MQL4 the transition to mql5 will be smooth;
3. If you know mql5 you will know C language as well because they are VERY close;
4. Due to providing structures and other improvements in MQL5, there will be a LOT of new possibilities to merge MQL5 with any database, math, statistical packages etc.

Promised that MQL5 will be very similar to classic C / C++, except:

1. Pointers;
2. Goto operator;
3. Anonymous enumeration;
4. Address arithmetic and class inheritance;
5. Some exotic staff from so-called "object-oriented programming": classes constructors do not have parameters, no multiply inheritance etc.

Operators overload and ternary operation ( expr ? op1 : op2; ) will probably be included later.

So MQL5 will be VERY close to C. The greatest improvement are structures. If you already know some basic MQL4 programming and want to learn C++, you can start with books like C++ for Dummies. You can also use C++ BNF description.


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