The MetaQuotes workshop entitled "MetaTrader 5 - Next Generation Trading Platform" took place on 1-3 April in Kazan, Russia during which the developers have given a in-depth look at the next gen trading platform. The participants from all around the world have met the developer team of MetaTrader 5 and discussed functionalities and ideas about the next generation of the popular trading platform.

The participants have learned about the latest new features added to MetaTrader 5 like trading stocks, options, futures in addition to Forex using one single platform and how it can be utilized for their businesses.

Quoting from another trader/programmer who said: "MetaTrader has gained a huge following in the past five to six years, particularly with the release of MT4. MetaTrader 5 will likely prove to be a true next generation platform, with structural changes that will make it an altogether different and more powerful animal. I look forward to its release."

Here are some of the futures of the upcoming Metatrader 5 platform:

* Working with MQL5 will be easier than MQL4 (for a number of reasons, including reading/writing programs);
* There will be more data types, structures, classes;
* Faster execution speed;
* Like MT4, the development environment will be released before the trading terminal;
* Easier to transfer C++ source codes into MQL5.

Read more about the new features here: Development of MetaTrader 5 and MQL5.

MetaQuotes will probably release MetaTrader 5 by Fall 2009.


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